Special tools

Nowadays tools must meet currently increasing demands reagarding stability and precision especially in serial production. Processes become more and more complex and are influenced by cost cutting pressure. 

Improvement and economisation are the basis of competitive products in nearly all industrial sectors. Production technique needs to provide innovative and intelligent solutions.

At Müller we take up the challenge. With best possible know-how and flexibility we develop and produce intelligent products for individual solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Our high performance precision tools beyond known limits of speed and tool life enable our customers to realize maximum performance potentials. This high specialization optimizes customer’s production processes, increases productivity and cuts down costs per hole / part significantly.


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StufenbohrerStepdrill Stufenbohrer4-chamfered stepdrill

Drills with special diameters and special lengths

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StufenbohrerSpiralised drill Stufenbohrer4-chamfered stepdrill

Milling cutters with special diameters and special lengths

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StufenbohrerRadius milling cutter StufenbohrerEnd milling cutter

Profile tools

Reamers with special diameters and special lengths