When will you be our customer?

Our customers work in nearly all sectors of industrial production. Many different production processes raise up many different demands regarding performance and precision of our tools.

Our customers are...

  1. automotive suppliers, mechanical engineers or contract manufacturers producing component parts, components or other parts highly efficient in mass-production.
  2. Companies willing to machine metal not only in any way but aiming for highest process stability, lowest manufacturing costs and shortest cycle time.
  3. component suppliers wishing to significantly speed up and simplify the process of improving their current tooling solutions
  4. companies with special demands regarding precision and speed of their machine park and their tools
  5. machining companies with demands outside common tooling solutions
  6. tool-experts wanting to check out state-of-the-art technical possibilities
  7. companies and entrepreneurs keen on getting the best out of their machine park

Please let us know the demands of your production. We can show you new possibilities when using our intelligent precision tools. 

Please call us on +49 (0) 6788 / 9798-0 or use our contact page. You will get a competent and individual proposal for your maching task from our experts