Dental milling tools from Müller Präzisionswerkzeuge convince – with up to 50 percent longer tool life

The special tools from Müller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH have been in use in a wide variety of industries worldwide for decades.

So far, such tools have mainly been used in mould making. Together with a dental laboratory, Müller has now pooled its expertise to develop a dental milling tool for the production of dental prostheses. Initial test runs show convincing results and a service life that is up to 50 percent longer than comparable solutions for dental technology.

The milling of dental crowns – whether as a fixed prosthesis in the form of a full cast crown or as a fully anatomical crown – requires the highest degree of precision.
Like most other sectors, dental laboratories are subject to significant cost pressures. It’s important for dental milling tools to have a long tool life– so as to minimise costs and waste. “When analysing new markets outside the automotive sector, we found that dental technology offers a great deal of potential for optimisation. Especially regarding increasing tool life and process reliability, we saw good opportunities here to apply our expertise and experience,” explains Mathias Schmidt, Managing Director of Müller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH. A specialised dental laboratory was able to provide key insights into processes and tasks in dental technology.

“We’ve been able to create good synergies here: We’re not dental technicians. And dental technicians are not experts in tool technology. Together we’ve managed to determine the most important requirements for optimised dental burrs and start product development”, declares Schmidt looking back.

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