Professional and individual coating of tools is a key factor to enlarge performance, tool life and precision of new and regrinded tools. 

Our own in-house coating centre allows us to coat tools with highest precision the way we want it.

This makes us independent from others in this phase of the production process and supports fast and controlled processing leading to short delivery times and highest quality.

Our coatings

Müller Colour Nano hardness Max. application temperatur Examples
MC0100 gold 24 600 HSS or solid carbide cutting tools at low Vc/ forming dies and injection mould
MC0200 blue-grey 37 400 Mills and Treading tools at low Vc/ forming dies and injection mould
MC0300 purple-black 28 700 multi purpose coating for cutting tools
MC0400 purple-black 32 850 Hard and high speed machining / machining of difficulty machinable materials
MC0600 blue-grey 34 850 cutting wheels / tooth milling cutter
MC0700 copper 45 1200 high performance drilling and milling operations, especially cast iron and hard milling >52 HRC
MC0800 silver-grey 36 900 machining of nonferrous metals like aluminium > 7% silicium, copper, titanium alloy
MC0900 purple-black 35 1000 machining of steel, casting, high strength alloy