Special tools

Efficiency and precision are vitally important when it comes to developing and manufacturing our special tools. Our experienced development engineers know just how important it is to optimise your machining and production processes – right from the get go. This is how we make sure you achieve the very best – to create the perfect tools for your individual machining processes!


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Tool reconditioning

We utilise state-of-the-art reconditioning processes to get your tools back to 100% performance! This boosts your efficiency, trims costs, and lets you realise outstanding savings potential in series production!


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As an experienced supplier and tool developer for manufacturers in a wide range of industries, our work often yields innovative solutions and approaches. Our press archive contains some interesting articles telling you a bit about our work.


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40 years

high performance tools from Müller

Established in 1981, we’ve been evolving ever since. Never ceasing to integrate innovations while expanding our skills and capacities, we’ve laid a solid foundation for our work – which is now recognised worldwide.

Outstanding quality, maximum flexibility, and exceptional commitment – coupled with competence and experience – have underscored our success ever since the company was founded.


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Training with prospects. Free pilot training included.

Skilled and motivated employees who take pride in the quality of their work are the secret to our success as a company. Our role as a responsible employer means we’re totally committed to our career starters – offering a range of additional benefits alongside an exciting apprenticeship:

  • Pay above the collective agreement rate (€1,200 in the first year of training)
  • Free pilot training for gliders
  • Trainee shuttle service (up to 18 years)
  • Subsidy for car driving licence
  • Guaranteed takeover in case of good performance
  • Bonus for good academic performance
  • Travel allowance and covering of accommodation costs within the framework of block teaching
  • Inter-company Training Courses


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As a multifaceted specialist, we apply our expertise to all industries!


Medical technology



Mould, and tool making

Mechanical engineering


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