Our professional service offers regrinding of your currently used precision tools in addition to our range of new tools. Professional reginding allows to use a tools a lot longer than without regrinding. The performance potential of a precision tool can be fully used and a longer life circle will be archieved. This cuts down your production costs.

In combination with our newest coatings, regrinded tools function nearly as well as new tools. This works for our own tools as well as for competitors’ tools we regrind best possible according to original manufactures’ specifications.  

End milling cutter

Solid carbide and HSS, roughing or finishing,
d = 2 – 80 mm
- with 1./2. clearance angle or eccentric relief grinding
- different spiral leads
- uneven tooth pitch

Solid carbide milling cutters

Special for cutting of hard material
D = 3 - 25 mm
Z = 4 - 10

Solid carbide torus mill / - cherry

for cutting of hard materials
D = 2 - 20 mm
Z = 2- 4
- Rradius tolerance ± 0,01 mm

Side milling cutter and shell end mill

HSS and soldered solid carbide
up to d=250 mm

Prism milling cutter, angular milling cutter

HSS and soldered solid carbide
- prism milling cutter
- swallow tail milling cutter
- T-slot milling cutter
- quadrant profile mill

Piloted counterbore, countersink

HSS and soldered solid carbide
- piloted counterbore
- countersink
- spot facer

Plain milling cutter

Solid carbide and HSS, straight fluted
- plain milling cutters up to D = 100 mm, l = 200 mm
- cutting wheel


Solid carbide and HSS, spiral or straight fluted
- solid carbide spiral fluted drills of all leading manufacturers
- 4-chamfered drills
- drill heads

Gun drills

Solid carbide
- up to d= 32 mm an l= 2000 mm
- with corner or full radius

Threading tools

Solid carbide and HSS
- taps starting at M 8
- thread mills
- dies


Solid carbide and HSS, spiral or straight fluted
- step reamers
- taper reamers
- shell reamers up to d=100 mm

Indexable inserts

Solid carbide
- DIN inserts
- special inserts, profile inserts
- milling heads

Saw blades

HSS and solid carbide
- HSS saw blades up to d= 450 mm
- solid carbide saw blades up to d= 200 mm

Circular knife

HSS and solid carbide
- upper knife up to d=200 mm
- lower knife up to d= 200mm
- squeezing knifes up to d= 350 mm


We ship our tools to and from you with our own delivery cars on a regular schedule or by using commercial parcel services. We would love to inform you about your individual shipping possibilities and can provide special tool boxes for transport of the tools.