Sometimes to modify a DIN-tool is a cost-effective and a rapid alternative to producing a completely new tool for special drilling tasks. We can modify a standard drill to a stepdrill by grinding. Furthermore we can add radiuses and steps or modify angles.  

We use the same quality standards for modifying a DIN-tool that we use when producing a new tool. We guarantee highest possible precision and shortest delivery time. You can send us the DIN-tool yourselves or have it send by your supplier directly to us. 

Piloted counterbore:
Profile grinded

Piloted counterbore:
Diameter modified

Swallow tail milling cutter:
Change of angle

Change of angle of taper

Quadrant profile milling cutter:
Concave radius modified

Lead angle modified

Point angle modified

Tread dill:
Lead length modified

T-slot milling cutter:
Face angle grinded

Keyway cutter:
Width and diameter modified