Efficiency and accuracy

High performance mills AluMax - IntegralMax - SteelMax - InoxMax - HardCut66 

The right tool for every purpose.

Müller is the specialist for high performance tools and revolutionized not only drilling operations. Efficient mills for various metals with many different characteristics and for individual machining operations are part of our portfolio. Müller high performance mills double the feed per tooth compared to normal mills. This cuts down cycle time massively. This makes Müller mills the perfect tool for single part machining as well as for serial production.

Especially our IntegralMax product series provides extraordinary low-vibration milling and unmatched surface finishing. These tools have an integral helix angle and asymmetric cutting edge. 

Please choose the best suitable tool from our range of products for your own individual machining challenge.

Our experts are happy to answer all your questions and will support you to find the best suitable tool for your machining task.