High performance drill InoxPlus

Specialist for stainless and tough steels

The InoxPlus drill guarantees rational and efficient machining of stainless and tough steels more and more used in serial production nowadays.

A facet ground combined with a specially developed point thinning characterizes this drill. It has a very sharp cutting edge specially prepared for its purpose. The extremely small dead centre can reduce feed forces by 40 % compared to other solid carbide tools. This allows our drill to centre easily and keep that exact position which is very important when machining stainless and tough steel. 

We would like to point out its extraordinary centering capabilities as well as the accurate straightness of the drilled hole. 

We can coat the InoxPlus drills with our special MC0700 coating on demand. This prolongs tools life very much.

Our coating containing silicium is highly temperature- and wear resistant as a result of the integrated silicium atoms. Tool life will be massively increased.

High shear presses on the guiding chamfers of a tool when processing tough material due to restrictions of the bore hole. The coating might get ripped off the guiding chamfers leading to early tool failure.

The coating adhesion of MC0700 has been enormously strengthened by using an optimized interface coating layer between substrate and base layer. It perfectly protects the highly stressed guiding chamfers and protects the tool from the effects described above.

The InoxPlus drill is available as a special tool and is compatible with various step geometries.