High performance drill AluPlus

Precision for machining Aluminium

The AluPlus drill was developed to meet the special demands of the aluminium industry.

The specially designed geometry of the AluPlus drill top allows high feed rates and cutting speeds in aluminium. A specific new Müller design of the chip space forms and rolls the chips very narrow. For this reason, a relatively small chip space is sufficient. Therefore a strong drill backside stabilizes the tool and significantly increases stiffness.

When machining die cast components made from aluminium, one often needs to drill pre-casted holes that are not in the exact position. This eccentrically drilling is exactly what this tool has been designed for.

The new design allows the operator to drill into full material as well as to finish pre-casted holes in parts very well. Feed rates can often be doubled compared to other solid carbide tools. Cycle time is reduced and production costs are massively cut down.

Our AluPlus drill can be coated on demand with MC0800, a wear-resistant coating for aluminium that prevents building up of edges and sticking of aluminium to the tool. Our MC0800 coated tool can drill at cutting speeds in aluminium that only PCD tools were capable of before.