High performance drill MaxFeedPlus

Industry-sector-specific development for blind holes in cast iron

MaxFeedPlus is the most recent development of Müller. It is an excellent example for an industry-sector-specific solution Müller made to meet changing demands in the automotive industry.

Due to the constant weight reduction in automotive engineering, material for components and component parts is conserved to a minimum. Especially when drilling blind holes in cast iron, there is hardly any room for the long cutting top of cast iron drills which makes it almost impossible to use this kind of tool.

The MaxFeedPlus drill is an innovation of the MaxFeed drill. It has a special geometry developed for drilling blind holes at extremely high speed rates. Special corner radiuses combined with an innovative cutting edge preparation has been realized instead of the four-chamfer design from our MaxFeed drill. All drillings in casted housings can be conducted efficiently. 

The MaxFeedPlus drill has our special facet ground geometry together with our innovative point thinning. In addition, the main cutting edge has been stabilized by a new modification which massively extends tool life. Feed force is up to 30 % lower compared to similar drill geometries.

Important arguments not only for decision makers and operators of the automotive industry.

In connection with our special MC0700 coating, extraordinary long tool life of the MaxFeedPlus is guaranteed. These features coupled with the special MC0700 coating enable an extraordinary long tool life. The silicium-containing coating is highly temperature-resistant as well as highly wear-resistant due to the integrated silicium atoms. The coating adhesion has been enormously strengthened by an optimized interface coating layer between substrate and base layer. This perfectly protects the highly stressed guiding and corner chamfers. 

The MaxFeed Plus drill top is available as a special tool and can be combined with various step geometries.