High performance drill MaxFeed

High performance for cast iron

The high performance drill MaxFeed is best for machining cast iron. The specially designed cutting edge with the corner chamfers modifies the chip form and prolongs the main cutting edge. This improves stability of the cutting edge and chip removal.

A further advantage is the avoidance of any flaking of material thanks to the gentle drill hole exit.

The facet ground in connection with an innovative point thinning exhibits outstanding qualities regarding centering of the tool and accurate straightness when drilling. 

As a result, the feed force has been reduced by as much as 30% compared to similar drill geometries. This allows double feed speed and therefore cuts down processing times enormously.

These features coupled with the special MC0700 coating enable an extraordinary long tool life. The silicium-containing coating is highly temperature-resistant as well as highly wear-resistant due to the integrated silicium atoms. The coating adhesion has been enormously strengthened by an optimized interface coating layer between substrate and base layer. This   perfectly protects the highly stressed guiding and corner chamfers.

The MaxFeed drill point is available as a special tool and compatible with various step geometries.